A Passion Conveyed: Vermentino Wine

We have a story to tell - that of our passion for viticulture. La Colombiera Winery House was established at the end of the Seventies further to our grandfather Francesco Ferro’s inspired intuition. He left Salemi, a small Sicilian village, and moved to Liguria where he bought a tiny plot of land at La Colombiera, a hamlet near Castelnuovo Magra overlooking the ancient town of Luni. Here he planted his first Vermentino grapes and thus, generation after generation, our Winery House has come to its present situation. Nowadays it is carefully managed by our dad Piero who pairs each wine with a story - our family’s story, one consisting of tradition and passion, the same passion you will taste while sipping from your glasses.

(Valeria and Benedetta Ferro)

“Our territory enshrines many beauties. It is our duty to respect and tell them to those still ignoring such attractions. Vermentino is unmistakable evidence of how nature yields excellent fruits when it is fairly treated.”

Francesco Ferro

“Each year we harvest the best grapes and select those best enhancing organoleptic characteristics. This results in a great minerality and delicate perfumes accompanied by a pleasant sapidity which is typical of Colli di Luni Vermentino, and which is further intensified by proximity to the sea.”

Pieralberto Ferro, Simonetta Saudino

“If you want to invent a new future, you need to begin from your past. Tradition and innovation coexist in our Vermentino wine and are also visible on our labels: the stele statue is a prehistoric monument, a symbol of our territory – which we reinterpreted in a modern way.”

Valeria Ferro

“The history of our territory blends with that of our family: everything began with Vermentino di Luni. Our family history began three generations ago. We have been jealous guardians of such treasure which we wish to bequeath to the next generations.”

Benedetta Ferro

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