In the Heart of

Colli di luni

La Colombiera is located in Castelnuovo Magra in the Province of La Spezia and perfectly fits in the area called Colli di Luni. This Ligurian region, which lies near the boundaries of Tuscany, is naturally suitable to wine growing. Our family has been making Colli di Luni CDO Vermentino wine for over 40 years. We have been working with the same boundless enthusiasm and passion typical of people in these territories. From generation to generation, we have been growing grapes deeply tied to this territory: Sangiovese and Vermentino. We enhance their qualities - though in full respect of tradition and raw material. Tradition and innovation thus meet in our wine making, as it happens with our sea touching the Ligurian hills thus creating unique and yet varied landscapes - as it happens in our wine making.

An oasis

of relaxation

The fascination typical of the Ligurian countryside welcomes you inside a small oasis of relaxation. La Colombiera Relais sits next to our Winery House, very close to its throbbing heart. You are invited to spend an exclusive holiday at our premises and treat yourself to a pleasant and stress-free stay. You are offered a few simply but elegantly furnished rooms where you will find your own peaceful corner choosing among a swimming pool overlooking our vineyard, a charming relaxation area and a wonderful terrace where you can enjoy a breakfast or an aperitif.

An unforgettable


Liguria is a region waiting to be discovered and La Colombiera is strategically located thus allowing our guests to explore this wonderful territory. We can book exclusive experiences for our guests leading them to a deep knowing of our region, and to a full enjoyment of our wines. Our guests will discover Liguria thousand faces by enjoying unique activities which will make them never to forget their stay.

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