Massages in the Vineyard

€ 80 per person

In the relaxation area of our Relais you will enjoy a relaxing massage to stimulate both body and mind in a perfectly relaxing atmosphere. Our expert masseurs employ Aroma Touch technique thus using eight essential oils – all certified as pure therapeutic grade ones. These strong essential oils are combined with grape seed oil or fractionated coconut oil to guarantee more intense effects. Beyond working in synergy, the essential oil sequence also creates an aromatic protective “aura” which will accompany you long after your massage. This is a unique touch-and-contact experience both on a physical and an emotional level, aiming at deep and full relaxation.

– Who is it for: lovers of relaxation and those who want to fully enjoy their holiday
– Booking: requested
– When: On Saturdays. In case you prefer a different day, feel free to ask!
– Massage Duration: 60 minutes

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Service for Winery House guests only.

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