A handed-down passion: Vermentino

La Colombiera winery was established in the late seventies, by our far-sighted grandfather Francesco Ferro, who moved from the small Sicilian town of Salemi to Liguria, where he purchased a small plot of land at La Colombiera, a hamlet near Castelnuovo Magra, above the ancient town of Luni. Our history begins there and then, when our grandfather, aware of the area’s winegrowing potential, decided to plant the first Vermentino vineyards and build what is still our winery today. The winery is our headquarters, where everything happens under the close watch of our father Piero, who enthusiastically supervises the whole production process, from harvesting to bottling. Every wine tells a story, our Vermentino tells our story very well: tradition, passion and a watchful eye on the future blend together and every year a glass of wine speaks of us.
(Valeria and Benedetta Ferro)

“Our land contains so much beauty and it is our duty to respect it and make it  known to those who have not yet heard of it. Vermentino wine is a good medium, it is closely associated with the local traditions and culture. It testifies to how wonderfully fruitful nature is when it is well-tended”


“Vermentino wine is the star of our winery. Every year, we pick the best grapes and select those which bring out the best of the variety’s organoleptic characteristics. As a result, great minerality, delicate aromas accompanied by pleasant savoriness, which is typical of vermentino wine from the colli di luni area, enhanced also by the proximity of the sea.”


“We have to learn from the past to invent the future. Tradition and innovation come together in our vermentino wine and our bottle label represents this concept perfectly. The statue menhir is a prehistoric statue of uncertain date, found in the lunigiana area, of which it has become the symbol over time. It is depicted on our bottle labels, rethought and reinterpreted in a modern version.”


“Growing vermentino grapes is a deeply rooted tradition in our area. There are many archeological finds which prove that winegrowing has been practiced here since the etruscan age. In our case, the local history is intertwined with that of our family, because our history begins with the vermentino of luni, three generations ago. It is a precious heritage worth preserving and handing down.”